14th of November 2018

.... a next RotoDyerTWIN on the way to Pakistan!


A permanent exchange of practical ideas and constructive discussions with R&D team and Marketing team
at AFGI in Karachi leads to a thinking out of the classical DENIM box and real sustainable processes
based on INDIGO, SULFUR, REACTIVE and PIGMENT spray sheet dyeing on warp yarn for DENIM.


November 2018
Many thanks for the visit in Oehringen/Germany as well as for the constructive discussions with our guests
from SOORTY / Karachi, one of the largest vertically integrated DENIM manufacturer in Pakistan. We have
learnt a lot from sustainable manufacturing methods at SOORTY and we try to work out some tailor-made ideas
to integrate our disruptive and patented RotoDyerTWIN spray dyeing technology into the SOORTY process routes.
We are looking forward for a fruitful technical exchange on more sustainable dyeing methods.  


October 2018 - WORLD NOVELTY

NISHAT MILLS LIMITED, the flagship company of NISHAT GROUP has ordered the first RotoDyerTWIN unit for
NEW Pad-Spray-Steam process (PS2) for woven fabric. NISHAT is one of the most modern, largest vertically
integrated textile companies in Pakistan.RotaSpray GmbH and Nishat will install a new developed sustainable
Pad-Spray-Steam process for REACTIVE and INDANTHREN (VAT) dyes.

1. salt-free continuous reactive dyeing
2. no intermediate drying = energy saving and less investment costs
3. penetration/diffusion of reactives comparable with pad batch
4. no limitation in depth of shade with reactives 

from left Adil Ghani (NISHAT), Rainer Tüxen (RotaSpray GmbH)
and Irfan Hashmi (Abdur Rahman Enterprises - RotaSpray agent PK)
September 2018 - Another RotaSpray RotoDyerTWIN set-up in India for spray dyeing on warp yarn for INDIGO, SULFUR,

"POOJA" ceremony during start-up in Ahmedabad India



...impressions in the Keyhouse



July 2018 - R&D of special "Coating Disk" for single sided spray coatings

- functional finishing on fabric
- single sided dyeing with INDIGO, INDANTHREN,  PIGMENTS, SULPHUR,


June 2018 - well proven results in bulk spray INDIGO dyeing on warp yarn


...seafreight packing of RotoDyerTWIN for shipment to INDIA


June 2018 - Spray dyeing on warp yarn for DENIM
source: Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries - Karachi/Pakistan 

April 2018
Impressions from ITM Machinery Show in Istanbul


17th of April 2018
Impressions from KINGPINS Show in Amsterdam



March 2018 - Customer ARVIND/India decides for second RotoDyerTWIN unit
INDIGO Dyeing on warp yarn (Cadira DENIM in cooperation with DyStar).
SULHUR dyes. 

After succesfull implementation of RotoDyerTWIN in ARVIND Naroda plant in
October 2017 (slasher integration) Rotaspray GmbH has got the second order for
2 pc. of RotoDyer machines for ARVIND Santej plant.

January 2018
- RotoDyerTWIN installation in Karachi/Pakistan with great support
from local DyStar team around Mumtaz Faisal, INDIGO Dino Franz as well as
Mustafa bey. Many thanks to Mr. Iqbal for his confidence and trust !!!!!

Advanced spray technology for warp and fabric (EPA patent)

Burak Kökdemir from BGM will present RotaSpray spray technology during ITM show
in April 2018 in Istanbul. Rainer Tüxen and Martin Zimmermann will support and
explain sustainable conceptions in warp yarn INDIGO/SULFUR/REACTIVE dyeing as
well as Minimal Application concepts (< 20% pick-up) for fabric finishing based on
rotating atomizer technology.....HOSGELDINIZ in Istanbul
YOU WILL FIND US IN HALL 14, Booth No. 1404 D

01/2018 ...Visitors from China (ADVANCE DENIM)

.....and Pakistan (CRESCENT BAHUMAN)

press release DyStar 01/2018 - download pdf

Breakthrough in bulk production of "salt and HYDRO free"
warp yarn INDIGO dyeing in Türkiye, India and Pakistan.....

pdf download - A NEW ERA BEGINS

Kingpins show in Amsterdam and Premier Vision DENIM in Paris  

Our customers are promoting their DENIM products based on Warp Yarn
INDIGO Spray dyeing as well as special Finishing based on Spray Minimal
Application for DENIM Fabrics


Prosperity Textile - China is using RotoCoater for very special Spray Coatings

source ORTAANADOLU / Türkiye - promotion during KINGPINS show in Amsterdam

Interesting discussions during PV show regarding WARP YARN INDIGO dyeing
based on spray technology in cooperation with DyStar. Implementation has taken
place in Türkiye 2016 and India in 2017 already and we will start in Pakistan at

This NEW sustainable patent pe
nding spray technology is showing a lot of interest....


September 2017 - "NEW" RotoDyerTWIN installations in India
Advanced warp yarn INDIGO dyeing integrated in slasher lines

Continuation of a success story based on spray technology supported by
our partner DyStar


pre reduced INDIGO-solution sprayed by use of rotating atomizer 
ECOLOGY --> organic reduction chemical

August 2017 - RotoCoater spray coating unit "RotaLab"
Narrow width sampling (300 mm wet on wet and up to 450 mm dry on wet)


March - June 2017 - Advanced Spray Coating
New installations in Indonesia and China

RotoCoater -
"Minimal Application" on DENIM Fabric

- Single Sided Functionality on face side of DENIM fabric
- Natural LOOK through thin coating layers
- Special handle and shiny look without calandering
- Special Wash Down Effects
- Economical and ecological wet on wet application
- pre application for open width LASER finish of DENIM fabric

great support during start-up from ARCHROMA, DyStar and NEARCHIMICA


19.- 20.05.2017  - VDTF Textilveredlertag in Leipzig

"Industrie 4.0"

...interesting lectures from world leader of industry robots (KUKA) as well
as textile machinery, universities, IT companies and textile chemical industry giving
the actual status and outlook in future interaction of machines and
human beings in a competitive european textile industry --> INDUSTRIE 4.0. 

Tailor-made grounding system for DIGITAL printing
RotoCoater - single sided
spray-coating with 4 spray points in

picture above: RotoCoater

picture: digital printing machine

 picture: RotoCoater inline with stenter 

e.g. inkjet grounding for reactive dyes:
- special migration inhibitor (polyacrylic acid derivative), wetting agent, urea, fixation
  alkali and mild oxidation chemical (protection against reduction)

e.g. single sided Minimal Application of PES fabrics
- FC grounding 

Controlled spray application with defined needed depth of penetration for
perfect fixation and optimnized print quality

Supporting ZERO DISCHARGE sustainable solutions
- Improved resource efficiency
- Significant chemical savings
- Reduction of  sulphates, COD as well as TSS

No complex "tank farm management" with pumps, filters and huge tanks
No nitrogen needed within the entire process

Optimize ecology, costs and minimize down time during shade change

SUSTAINABILITY in advanced INDIGO warp yarn dyeing
...... please contact us !

November 2015 - impresssions from ITMA Milano

.....innovative minimum spray application for nonwoven, carpet and textile....
       we thank you very much for your interest during ITMA Milano

       our innovation partner during ITMA 2015
       DyStar              hall 18 booth B105
       CHT/BEZEMA   hall   8 booth E113



 RotaSpray GmbH and DyStar will introduce new sustainable dyeing methods
 for warp yarn to the DENIM industry  

 pdf-Download:     ITMA flyer / INDIGO warp dyeing based on spray technology  

pdf-Download:    NEARFINISH BRO - Single-sided spray coating



Minimum application (MA) technology based on rotating atomizers
- functional finish of nonwoven, fabric and carpets
- wet on wet application for energy saving and/or productivity increase
- economical and ecological MA application technology with precise
  measuring and control systems

pdf-Download:     measurement of spray add-on (Moisture Profile)

Rotating Atomizer Spray Technology
SPEZIAL EFFECTS / Reactive Dyes + additives

salt/peppermill design Harris&Kohl
5. und 6. November 2014                          www.hofer-vliesstofftage.de

lecture on Thursday 06th of November 12:00 - 12:30 pm
"Minimalauftrag und Auftragsfeuchte in der Vliesstoffindustrie
mittels Rotationszerstäuber"
Rainer Tüxen - RotaSpray GmbH - Oehringen(D) 


OTM SHOW 2014  16th - 19th of October 2014 in Gaziantep/Türkiye
RotaSpray GmbH introduces spray units for NONWOVEN, CARPETS
and TEXTILE fabric webs.
....for preinformation please contact Mr. Burak Kökdemir from BGM
    Tel: +90 212 4228993
    Booth: Hall 1, 101-I


10th of April 2014 at 7 pm - VDTF Regionalgruppe Südbaden

Lecture titel: Rotating atomizers in finishing and dyeing on woven and
                    nonwoven fabric

.....interesting discussion with textile finishing experts

Location     : GATEX Bad Säckingen/Germany
Lecturer     : Rainer Tüxen, MD Rotaspray GmbH  


13th of March 2014 at 6 pm - VOETC Landesgruppe Vienna
Lecture at Austrian Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists - VOETC

Location      : Vienna/Austria
Lecture titel : Rotating atomizers for functional finishing and dyeing on
                     woven and nonwoven fabric

Lecturer      : Rainer Tüxen, GF RotaSpray GmbH


January 2014
ROTO-FINISHER/ROTODYER order for well known Turkish textile
finishing company.

Processing of innovative reactive/pigment dyeing procedures and

special functional finishing on woven fabrics.

Lecture in Germany - Rotating Atomizers in Textile- and Nonwoven Industry

16.11.2013 10:00 am - VDTF Regionalgruppe Hessen/Pfalz